Proposal Submissions
Proposal Submission for Meeting Presentations
The Ohio Chapter gladly accepts presentation proposals from individuals and

The Board of Directors compiles the meeting program for the Spring Technical

While we are grateful for proposal submissions from companies, please bear in
mind that a presentation that is essentially a "sales pitch" for products or services is
discouraged.  While under some circumstances these may be reviewed, usually our
members  rate such presentations low on their evaluations which is a drawback not
only to the quality of the meeting, but may reflect poorly on the presenter and
his/her company as well.

Proposal deadline for the Spring Technical Meeting is December 1st of the year
prior to the year in which the meeting will be held.

For examples of past meeting presentations,
please click here.
Presentation for...
Spring Technical Meeting, March 29, 30, 2019.
Friday Workshop (3-hours -- March 29)
Saturday Session (1-hour -- March 30)
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