Past Exhibitors
-- A --
ACOR Orthopaedic, Inc.
Advanced O&P Solutions
Aircast, LLC.
Allard, USA, Inc.
Allied Plastic Supply
ALPS South Corporation
Amfit, Inc.
Amputee Coalition of America
Anatomical Concepts, Inc.
Arizona AFO, Inc.
Aspen Medical Products, Inc.

-- B --
Bauerfeind USA, Inc.
Becker Orthopedic
Bionix Prosthetic Solutions
BOLT Systems, Inc.
Boston Brace International, Inc.
BSN Medical, Inc.
Bulldog Tools, Inc.
BuzzPark, Inc.

-- C --
Cailor Fleming & Associates, Inc.
Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc.
College Park Industries, Inc.
Comfort Products, Inc.
Comfort Rite/Sequoia
Coyote Design & Mfg.
Custom Composite Mfg. Co.

-- D --
Danmar Products
DAW Industries, Inc
DeRoyal Industries, Inc.
Dr. Comfort

-- E --
Elite Orthotics, Inc.
Endolite North America, Ltd.
ESP -- Engineered Silicone Products

-- F --
Fabtech Systems
Fisher Unitech
Florida Brace Corporation
FLO-TECH Orthotic & Prosthetic Systems, Inc.
Footmaxx, Inc.
Fore Hope
Freedom Innovations, Inc.
Freeman Manufacturing Company
Friddle's Orthopedic Appliances, Inc.
Futura International, Inc.

-- G --
Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, Inc.

-- H --
Hapad, Inc.
HOPE Orthopedic

-- J --
Jerome Medical
Jerry Miller ID Shoes / Buffalo Brace
JLT Services Corporation
JMS Plastics Supply, Inc.

-- K --
Keeping Pace, Inc.
Knit-Rite, Inc.

-- L --
Levy & Rappel
Liberating Technologies Inc. / RSLSteeper
Life-Like Laboratory

-- M --
M.A.S.S., Inc.
MedFlex, Corp.
Medi USA
M-Tech Lab, Inc.

-- O --
O & P Enterprises, Inc.
Ohio Willow Wood Co.
OPGA, Inc.
Orthomerica Products, Inc.
Orthopedic Products Sales (OPS)
Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistance Fund
Orthotics Choice
ÖSSUR North America, Inc.
OTS Corporation
Otto Bock Health Care

-- P --
Pel Supply Company
PMT Corporation
PrimeCare O&P Network, Inc.
Professional Products, Inc.
Prosthetic Design, Inc. (PDI)
Prosthetics Research Specialists, Inc.
Pro-Tech International

-- R --
Realastic Prosthetics
Remington Products Company
Replacement Arts Designs, LLC
Restorative Care of America, Inc.
Royal Knit, Inc.

-- S --
Sigvaris, Inc
Silipos / Langer, Inc.
Sky Medical,Inc.
Smith Global
Southern Prosthetic Supply, Inc. (SPS)
Spinal Solutions, Inc.
Spinal Technology, Inc.
SPT Technology & MEDEX International, Inc.

-- T --
TEC Interface Systems
The Fillauer Companies, Inc.
TiMed, Inc.

-- U --
U. S. Orthotics, Inc.
UCO International
Ultraflex System

-- W --
WBC Industries Inc.
Ohio Chapter Exhibitors
The following fine companies have provided sponsorship and exhibited
at the Ohio Chapter Spring Meetings. Please click on their names to
visit their web-sites to learn more about their products and services.